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Daily menu

Daily menu


Menu details

screenshot.jpgYou can order a hot menu every day of the week, which you can choose from our daily offer.

3 types of soup

16 types of main course with garnish or one course

You can order 6 types of garnishes on the Internet (www.eng.hobiart.hu/menu) by selecting the item labeled Menu, or in person at our restaurant.

In our restaurant, orange dots on the menu board indicate the dishes that can be selected for the menu.

You can only choose food online and in person for that day.

It is also possible to order your lunch a week in advance, for the time being only if you request it delivered. Next week’s menu can be downloaded from the internet. In this case, all you have to do is write an e-mail or indicate your intention to subscribe by phone and the courier will go home to pay for the food at your home. In this case, we will need two sets of food barrels.



Home delivery fee:
Shipping fee:
390 HUF / delivery: within the round filling + Petőfitelep, Új-Petőfitelep, Baktó, Újszeged to Szöri, Filling, Herb garden, Engineer streets
550 HUF / delivery: Beyond the roundabout and Újszeged beyond the streets of Szöri, Tölt, Füvészkerti, Mérnök, Tápé, Cserepes sor and outside Rákóczi utca

800 Ft / delivery: Streets opening from Budapesti út, streets outside the Herb Garden
1700Ft / delivery: Kiskundorozsma, Szentmihálytelek, Algyő, Szőreg


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
  • by e-mail: hobiart.bisztro@gmail.com
  • by phone: 20 / 920-9000
  • in person at our restaurant