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30 percel kiszállítás
430 Ft

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Cheese noodles

Cheese noodles normal dose
645 Ft

The children's favorite dinner is cheese noodles. It can’t be a bad choice if we want a simple and nutritious meal that everyone loves. Ask for sour cream too, because it's real.


If you do not have time to come to the Snow Garden you have no choice but to order online or by phone and we will take you home in full or in a zone in a short time.

Nutrient content

in 1 serving
in 100g
934.7 kcal330.3 kcal
3910.8 KJ
1381.9 KJ
49.2 g17.4 g
saturated fatty acids
25.5 g9.0 g
86.1 g30.4 g
6.8 g2.4 g
32.0 g11.3 g
283.0 g

The zone dose is 50% of the normal dose.

Ingredients: cooking oil, salt, sour cream, cheese, long noodles