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30 percel kiszállítás
430 Ft

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Meat-loving pizza

Meat-loving pizza 30cm thick
1 380 Ft

Daisy base, sausage, smoked loin, ham, salami, cheese

What can I write for this pizza who eats meat with meat. My words stand out from the conditions. Sausages, smiley smoked loin, ham, salami, cheese, all on a daisy background. I don’t think a meat-loving person like me can wish for more than that.

If you also love meatballs, order it in person in Szeged at Hóbiárt, or by phone or online and we will deliver it to you.

Nutrient content

in 1 serving
in 100g
1944.8 kcal350.3 kcal
8136.8 KJ
1465.6 KJ
92.2 g16.6 g
saturated fatty acids
34.8 g6.3 g
201.5 g36.3 g
13.7 g2.5 g
73.6 g13.2 g
555.2 g

The zone dose is 50% of the normal dose.

Ingredients: oregano, smoked ham, salami, thick sausage, tomato puree, cooking oil, semi-catch flour, granulated sugar, salt, yeast, cheese

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Pizza sauce separately

Pizza sauce
185 Ft

A real Italian flavor to the great pizzas.
The snow bar offers extra pizza sauce,
which gives a fresh taste of tomatoes and oregano.
Order by phone or online to further enhance the taste of your pizza.