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Pipi pizza

Pipi pizza
1 475 Ft

Ingredients: we make our pizza with a self-cooked pizza sauce base, on which grilled chicken breast, purple onion, pritamin peppers and cheese are added, we bake it ready, then we put a tomato ring on it and we sprinkle the pizza with arugula

Szeged pizza

Szeged pizza
1 250 Ft

Valentin napi pizza

Valentin napi pizza
1 000 Ft

Hungarian pizza

1 230 Ft

Daisy base, sausage, bacon, onion, letcho, cheese

Breakfast pizza

Breakfast pizza nagy (30cm) vastag
1 150 Ft

Daisy base, ham, cheese, fried eggs.

Bacon devil pizza

Bacon devil pizza 30cm thick
1 135 Ft

Bacon, bell pepper and cheese on a sour cream background

Bacon pizza

Bacon pizza 30cm thick
1 150 Ft

Garlic-sour cream base, bacon, onion, cheese

Bolognese pizza

Bolognese pizza 30cm thick
1 250 Ft

Daisy base, homemade bolognese stew, cheese

Family pizza 45 cm with any condition

Family pizza
3 860 Ft

For family peace on any topings! :)

Emperor pizza

Emperor pizza 30cm thick
1 110 Ft

Garlic, sour cream base, emperor bacon, ham, cheese

Village pizza

Village pizza 30cm thick
1 170 Ft

Daisy base, ham, salami, pramin and green peppers, corn, cheese

Smoked pizza (sour cream base, smoked loin, onion, cheese)

Smoked pizza 30cm thick
1 260 Ft

Mushroom pizza

Mushroom pizza 30cm thick
1 065 Ft

Daisy base with fresh mushrooms and cheese

Greek pizza

Greek pizza 30cm thick
1 525 Ft

Freshly homemade tzatziki, freshly spiced, skewered gyros with chicken breast, olives and cheese

Children's pizza 20 cm

Kids pizza
675 Ft

A smile and a ham pizza! :)

Killer pizza

Killer pizza 30cm thick
1 295 Ft

Daisy base, chili, but not a few, salami, green peppers, tomatoes, cheese

Gyros pizza

Gyros pizza 30cm thick
1 475 Ft

Homemade, E-free spicy mayonnaise base, home-seasoned chicken made from real meat, fried in summer, five kinds of fresh vegetables, cheese

Hawaiian pizza

Hawaiian pizza 30cm thick
1 220 Ft

Daisy base, ham, pineapple, cheese

Meat-loving pizza

Meat-loving pizza 30cm thick
1 380 Ft

Daisy base, sausage, smoked loin, ham, salami, cheese

Gourmet pizza

Gourmet pizza 30cm thick
1 260 Ft

Sour cream mixed with eggs is based on bacon, sausage, ham, onion and cheese

King of pizza

King of pizza 30cm thick
1 260 Ft

Daisy base, sausage, salami, corn, onion, cheese

Pizza with sausage

Pizza with sausage 30cm thick
1 190 Ft

Daisy base, sausage, cheese

Daisy pizza

Daisy pizza 30cm thick
885 Ft

Pizza sauce with cheese
Homemade sauces are based on tomato puree, into which, in the spirit of tradition, oregano is added.

Mexican pizza

Mexican pizza 30cm thick
1 090 Ft

Minced beef, beans, corn and chili. Done in Mexico.

If we head this over with a little cheese, the Mexican pizza is ready! :)

Mustard pizza

Mustard pizza 30cm thick
1 310 Ft

Sour cream-mustard base, bacon, ham, cucumber, cheese

Four seasons pizza

Four seasons pizza 30cm thick
1 090 Ft

Daisy base, ham, green peas, corn, fresh mushrooms, cheese

Four cheese pizza

Four cheese pizza 30cm thick
1 230 Ft

Sour cream base, four types of cheese (Trappist, feta, camembert, smoked)

Pizza sauce separately

Pizza sauce
185 Ft

Pizza with ham

Pizza with ham 30cm thick
1 005 Ft

Daisy base, ham, cheese

Pizza with ham and mushrooms

Pizza with ham and mushrooms 30cm thick
1 100 Ft

Daisy base, ham, fresh mushrooms, cheese

Ham and corn pizza

Ham and corn pizza 30cm thick
1 110 Ft

Daisy base, ham, corn, cheese

Baked pizza

Baked pizza 30cm thick
1 170 Ft

Garlic and sour cream base, roast pork, bacon, fresh tomatoes, onion, cheese

Salami pizza

Salami pizza 30cm thick
1 040 Ft

More pizza sauce?

Suleiman pizza

Suleiman pizza 30cm thick
1 390 Ft

On a sour cream base, we place the chicken breast steak made by our restaurant, on which we circle tomatoes, then we sprinkle the whole thing with grated cheese.

Creamy mushroom pizza

Creamy mushroom pizza 30cm thick
1 160 Ft

Sauce and cheese made by us from fresh mushrooms and cream

Creamy-meat-mushroom pizza

Creamy-meat-mushroom pizza 30cm thick
1 200 Ft

We make homemade stew and cheese from cream, minced meat and fresh mushrooms

Baked chicken liver pizza (sour cream base, baked liver liver, cheese)

Baked chicken liver pizza 30cm thick
1 130 Ft

Tuna pizza

Tuna pizza 30cm thick
1 260 Ft

Daisy base, tuna, onion, cheese

Vegetarian pizza

Vegetarian pizza 30cm thick
945 Ft

Daisy base, fresh mushrooms, corn, green peas, cheese