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30 percel kiszállítás
525 Ft

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Roasted natural pork chop

Roasted natural pork chop normal dose
2 130 Ft

Not just for Paleos, gluten sensitive, naturists.

It does not contain gluten, eggs, milk, dairy products, added sugar.

Pork leg fried on a fiber plate without ironing.

How good it looks, isn't it? Well, even if you’re turbocharged with a little garnish, say, with french fries, or if you’re eating a paleo diet, it’s with fresh vegetables.

Come to us, Hobiaár Bistro and Pizzeria, and taste it, you will not be disappointed in it!

If you don't have time or we don't travel in Szeged, order it by phone or online and we will deliver it to your home!


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Allergen information:

Does it contain gluten? - no

Does it contain eggs? - no

Does it contain milk or dairy products? - no

Does it contain added sugar? - no

Nutrient content

in 1 serving
in 100g
190.4 kcal136.0 kcal
796.6 KJ
569.0 KJ
7.6 g5.4 g
saturated fatty acids
2.7 g1.9 g
0.0 g0.0 g
0.0 g0.0 g
28.7 g20.5 g
140.0 g 

The zone dose is 50% of the normal dose.

Ingredients: pork leg

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If you don’t have time to come to the Hobby, all you have to do is order online or over the phone and we’ll take you home in full or in a zone in a short time.