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430 Ft

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Spicy chicken breast steak

Spicy chicken breast steak normal dose
945 Ft

The spicy chicken breast you get from the cucumber for the special taste that is the perfect complement to the crumbling chicken breast! It is accompanied by a delicious sauce, which can be the perfect main course on the table of the dear guest with the garnish chosen for it!


In addition to our garnishes, we recommend that you also review our pickles, because we are sure to find the right one among them!

If you want to try this dish, all you have to do is come to our restaurant and order the selected dish!

If you don’t have time to come to the Hobby, all you have to do is order online or over the phone and we’ll take you home in full or in a zone in a short time.


The finished food is sugar and flour free.

Nutrient content

in 1 serving
in 100g
468.1 kcal174.5 kcal
1958.6 KJ
730.3 KJ
31.4 g11.7 g
saturated fatty acids
8.1 g3.0 g
3.9 g1.5 g
2.1 g0.8 g
39.3 g14.7 g
268.2 g 

The zone dose is 50% of the normal dose.

Ingredients: black pepper, chicken breast fillet, smoked ham, bacon, pickles, cooking oil, salt, sour cream, red onion